The Obamacare website: The world outruns the government — by a decade

The private sector tech world has given us the free-speech, free-market Xanadu that is the World Wide Web, and it has done so, pre-Obama administration, mostly without government rules. This is no coincidence.

The last time Congress wrote pertinent law was in 1996. Way back then, Congress in a fundamentally important way actually got something right — the Internet was so new, they decided to basically leave it alone to see what developed.

It’s amazing what develops when the government leaves things alone.

Which brings us to Wednesday’s House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing: “The Evolution of Wired Communications Networks.”  Government officials should use this meeting to call for less regulations. Outright removal of many. Or — if they are absolutely necessary — finely-tuned updates of existing ones.

Let’s let the tech train keep-a-rolling. These days it’s about the only part of the economy that’s actually working.