9 craziest modes of transportation [SLIDESHOW]

Who needs a car when you can just ride to work on a motorized couch? All over the world, inventors are creating new forms of transportation that are bound to make life easier … and also more fun.

Below are nine crazy modes of transportation, from “zorbs” to “aquaskippers.”

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  • And, finally, the traditional hot air balloon. What is crazier than a huge balloon that stays in the air by a giant open flame? (Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
  • Segways are awesome, but equally hilarious. (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
  • The Aquaskipper is for people who love trampolines but also can't get enough of water sports. Click <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQW3wWesaqQ">here</a> to watch the Aquaskipper in action. (Photo credit: BORIS HORVAT/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Monorails are awesome because they are like trains, but above ground and don't run on a traditional track. (Photo: Tom Bricker, Flickr)
  • Powerisers are normal stilts' younger brother, and they are too awesome. According to the Poweriser website, with the device you can jump 3-5 meters in the air and run up to 20 miles per hour. (Photo: Flickr)
  • Some genius students from Brigham Young University invented this couch on wheels. Their favorite use for their motorized couch? To go through the Wendy's drive-thru. You can watch the full video <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6Z27aP-hz4">here</a>. (Image: YouTube)
  • Hovercrafts have been around for a while, and they keep getting crazier. From the giant hovercraft that transports travelers across the English Channel to the above racing (!!!) hovercraft, they're pretty awesome. (Photo: Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images)
  • The infamous "Hoveround" is cool, but even more impressive is Toyota's "Mobina" chair, which can move over uneven ground and avoid obstacles. (Photo: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)
  • Zorbing is an activity where people roll around in these "orbs" ... and it's awesome. Zorbing, the sport, can be on land or on water. The sport is popular in New Zealand, the UK and India.  (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)