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Jennifer Aniston in "Horrible Bosses"
(Warner Bros. Pictures) Jennifer Aniston in "Horrible Bosses" (Warner Bros. Pictures)  

10 hot docs we’d let give us flu shots [SLIDESHOW]

Winter is upon us and that means one thing (if you’re a hypochondriac): flu season.

Here are 10 hot doctors and nurses we wouldn’t mind getting a flu shot from.

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  • Olivia Wilde's character on "House" knows how to take charge of any situation. Especially a vaccination.
  • Ellen Kathleen Pompeo as Meredith Grey "Grey's Anatomy" has great bedside manners.
  • No one would have a problem letting Judy Reyes character nurse Carla Espinosa in "Scrubs" give them some TLC;
  • Reese Witherspoon in "Just Like Heaven" is someone we wouldn't mind poking us in a soft spot.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg's character in the short lived show "Mercy" could stick it to us any day.
  • Flashback! Remember "ER"'s Nurse Carol Hathaway? Yea, we do too.
  • Katherine Heigl in "Grey's Anatomy." Fashionable shoes and sexy white uniforms. 
  • Linda Cardellini as Nurse Samantha Taggart on "ER." 
  • Rosamund Pike as the spunky biologist Samantha Grimm in "Doom." 
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  • Jennifer Aniston in "Horrible Bosses." Sure, she's a dentist but come on. We'd let her give us an oral examination any day. Flu shots, forget about it! 
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