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Good morning, readers. Since it’s my first day at the new job, I’m still figuring out the kinks of the new system and trying my best not to blow things up too badly. Please bear with me. – Betsy



Washington Post columnist is pro-vagina, anti-penis 

“Both vagina and anigav are nice-sounding words. Penis and sinep sound terrible.” — Washington Post “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten.

Deep thoughts with Howard Fineman

“Venus almost alarmingly bright in western early night sky, something about its distance, angle from the sun. By December can cast a shadow.” — HuffPost and MSNBC’s Howard Fineman.


Church bashing! 

“I forgot that telling people how you enjoy church is invitation for bashing. On a Sunday. Sigh.” — TheBlaze‘s Dana Loesch.

Travel Bitches

“I think there are four kids screaming on this flight.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Jonah Goldberg.

“What’s better: Having more leg room, or having an empty middle seat? @AmericanAir” — Breitbart‘s Larry O’Connor. American Airlines replied, “Maybe the empty seat, Larry. That way you can stretch your arms and legs without hitting anyone. #enjoy.”

Kara: It doesn’t count unless there’s a picture

“Whoa. Epic mullet sighting. Dude’s hair in the back was longer than mine.” — Fox News Senate producer Kara Rowland.

Shitting where he eats — why not? 

“As much as I like seeing a full-page quote from @BookWorld in That Other East Coast Newspaper, I wouldn’t mind seeing an ad in our pages too.” — Washington Post‘s Book World Editor Ron Charles.

And now for a little fun self-promotion…

“C-SPAN just aired about 5 minutes of me and @AnnCoulter talking about purses and other important things.” — Breitbart and Townhall‘s Lisa De Pasquale.

P.S. – In the future, this feature will actually appear in the morning.