10 women eating yogurt [SLIDESHOW]

On the floor, at the table, or in a scenic mountain setting, these women really enjoy their yogurt.

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  • Sometimes the taste of yogurt is overwhelming. (Getty Images)
  • This girl is biting her lip in anticipation. That must be some good Yoplait. (Getty Images)
  • Older women are more bold with where they consume their yogurt. (Getty Images)
  • Yogurt has great benefits for your teeth...maybe (Getty Images)
  • Look at this girl multitasking. You go girl. (Getty Images)
  • Finger licking good. (Getty Images)
  • This girl likes her yogurt on the floor. Who are we to judge? (Getty Images)
  • Look at how happy this yogurt has made her! (Getty Images)
  • You got something on your lip there, doll. (Getty Images)
  • This yogurt is so good it's blowing her hair back. (Getty Images)