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NYT: Obamacare is just like Hurricane Katrina

I can only imagine the misery and gloom these days in the hallowed halls of the Newspaper of Record. There’s not much to keep my spirits up these days, so I’ll settle for schadenfreude.

Michael D. Shear:

Health Law Rollout’s Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush’s Hurricane Response

“Stumbles.” And the Titanic sprung a leak.

…The disastrous rollout of [Obama’s] health care law not only threatens the rest of his agenda but also raises questions about his competence in the same way that the Bush administration’s botched response to Hurricane Katrina undermined any semblance of Republican efficiency.

But unlike Mr. Bush, who faced confrontational but occasionally cooperative Democrats, Mr. Obama is battling a Republican opposition that has refused to open the door to any legislative fixes to the health care law and has blocked him at virtually every turn.

Of course. It’s the Republicans’ fault that the law none of them voted for, and that they’ve strenuously opposed ever since, is a disaster. Their fingerprints aren’t on the murder weapon, which only proves they made ‘im do it.

For the first time in Mr. Obama’s presidency, surveys suggest that his reserve of good will among the public is running dry. Two polls in recent weeks have reported that a majority of Americans no longer trust the president or believe that he is being honest with them.

And that’s the important thing. Sure, bunch of peasants might suffer, but just look at what it’s doing to King Barry. Just imagine the problems it’ll cause for the next Democrat to run for president. Now it’s serious!

Republicans readily made the Hurricane Katrina comparison. “The echoes to the fall of 2005 are really eerie,” said Peter D. Feaver, a top national security official in Mr. Bush’s second term. “Katrina, which is shorthand for bungled administration policy, matches to the rollout of the website.” Looking back, he said, “we can see that some of the things that we hoped were temporary or just blips turned out to be more systemic from a political sense. It’s a fair question of whether that’s happening to President Obama.”

So, one guy who nobody’s ever heard of compared Obamacare to Katrina when asked, and that’s good enough for an NYT headline.

It’s a dumb comparison, which is why they’re running with it. Listen up: Obamacare is manmade. President Barack Obama has done this to himself, and to all of us. This is 100% his fault. Whatever you want to say about Bush’s handling of Katrina, he didn’t give a bunch of speeches calling for New Orleans to get flushed like a giant toilet. He didn’t sign a law to make it happen.

Obamacare is a completely unnatural disaster. And it’s going to hurt a lot more people than Katrina ever did.