High school has 400-pound running back [VIDEO]

White Swan High School in Yakama, Washington has a pretty big weapon on their football team. Senior Tony Picard, a running back and nose tackle, weighs in at 400 pounds and stands at 6’4″.

Despite his huge size, he can move. He has run for over 700 yards and scored 15 touchdowns this season. His stature makes him not only the biggest running back in high school, but the biggest running back on the field anywhere.

His coach Andrew Bush says that most teams will sic four linemen and a middle linebacker on Picard to try and take him down. Even with that coverage, he still manages to run an average of 80-120 yards per game.

Nicknamed “Big Tone,” he is part Umatilla-Nez Perce Indian and part Sioux, reports the Daily Mail. He is interested in going on to play in college and is in talks with a few coaches.

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