11 politicians who have done cocaine [SLIDESHOW]

From our current president to the current congressman from Florida’s 19th district, here are 11 politicians who have admitted (or been outed) to dabbling in some booger sugar, nose candy, Peruvian lady, Aunt Nora (which is apparently a street name for cocaine?) et cetera. (RELATED: Trey Radel sentenced to one year probation for cocaine possession)

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  • GOP Rep. Trey Radel was arrested in D.C. on Oct. 29 after getting busted for trying to buy coke from a DEA agent. (Photo: Getty)
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine, after he got caught doing it on video. (Photo: Getty)
  • Former New York Gov. David Paterson admitted to using cocaine during his twenties "a couple of times." Okay, sure. (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images)
  • Former Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy admitted to going to rehab for cocaine abuse as a teen. During his time in Congress, he allegedly assaulted an airport security guard and doing $28,000 in damage to a rented yacht. He drove drunk and crashed into a barricade on Capitol Hill in 2006 and went to rehab shortly after. He did not run for reelection in 2010.  (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)
  • US President Barack Obama speaks during the White House science fair on April 23, 2013 in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC. The event honours student winners of science, technology, engineering and math competitions from across the country. AFP President Obama mentioned in his first book "Dreams From My Father" that he had done the white stuff. (Photo: Getty)
  • Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was arrested for smoking crack cocaine in a hotel room in 1990 after a law enforcement sting. The best thing to come out of the ordeal was the phrase, "Bitch set me up!" (Photo: Getty)
  • Gennifer Flowers (one of) Bill Clinton's mistresses said that she "knew" he was using cocaine when he was the attorney general of Arkansas. (Photo: Getty)
  • Late Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson wrote in his memoir of a 1980 experience with two strippers  in a Las Vegas hot tub: "The girls had cocaine, and the music was loud. It was total happiness. And both of them had ten long, red fingernails with an endless supply of beautiful white powder.... The feds spent a million bucks trying to figure out whether, when those fingernails passed under my nose, did I inhale or exhale, and I ain't telling." (Photo and quote: Wikipedia)
  • Former President George W. Bush allegedly got arrested for cocaine possession in 1972 (a big year for coke, apparently), but his record was expunged due to his family ties. (Photo credit should read JORGE SILVA/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Former Chief of Staff of President Jimmy Carter Hamilton Jordan was investigated in 1972 for blowing coke at Studio 54. Was that investigation really necessary? Who DIDN'T do cocaine at Studio 54 in the seventies? (Photo: Getty)
  • One of Sen. Ted Kennedy's aides during the 60's and 70's Richard Burke wrote in 1992 tell-all that claimed Kennedy had cocaine shipped to his U.S. Senate office and snorted it with $100 bills. Burke also wrote that he snorted coke with two of his oldest children. Kennedy and his family rejected the claims as "bizarre." (Photo: Getty)

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