Why Joe Miller thinks he can win the race for Alaska’s Senate seat in 2014

WASHINGTON — Joe Miller spent Thursday on Capitol Hill trying to woo prominent national conservatives to his side as he prepares to launch a new campaign for the U.S. Senate in Alaska.

The Republican lawyer and tea party favorite made a pilgrimage to D.C. to meet with a number of top conservative legislators in the House and Senate about the Alaska contest, which is expected to be one of the hottest races in 2014.

“Obviously, we’re looking for their support in our race,” Miller said in a Thursday afternoon interview with The Daily Caller.

He declined to reveal publicly which Republicans he met with on Thursday, though allowed: “They’re all solid conservatives.”

The West Point and Yale Law School graduate pulled off an upset in the 2010 Republican primary, defeating incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. But he ended up losing the general election to Murkowski, who mounted a write-in campaign after her surprising primary loss.

He has already filed papers to take on Alaska Democratic Senator Mark Begich in 2014. Miller said he will officially kick-off his candidacy in the “very near future.”

The looming GOP fight

The GOP primary in the race is shaping up to be a three-way fight: His main GOP competitors are expected to be Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and former Alaska attorney general Dan Sullivan.

“They’re both establishment candidates,” he argued. “They both supported Murkowski in the 2010 race. They both have agendas which include internationalism, which I think is at odds with the sovereignty issues with the country. They both made statements in favor of manmade climate change and they need to address that.”

Miller also expects to be attacked by Karl Rove and other outside Republican groups.

“We’re going to have some big dogs come into the fight,” he predicted. “Some establishment folk we know are going to be involved in this because they don’t want another Ted Cruz in the Senate.”

Miller said Republicans who oppose a Cruz-style senator just don’t get it.

“I think they don’t understand what’s at stake for the nation,” he said. “I think they don’t understand what point of decline we’re at the nation. They need to understand that in order to turn this ship around. It’s not the go-along to get along that’s going to get it done.”

Giving a glimpse of the argument he will make against Treadwell and Sullivan, Miller said: “It’s the ruling class destroying the country. And we need to have somebody who reflects the will and the voice of the people.”