10 famous last words [SLIDESHOW]

If you know you’re gonna die, say something cool first.

From Marie Antoinette to Humphrey Bogart, here are 10 famous last words.

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  • "Wish I had time for one more bowl of chili." Kit Carson, pioneer, speaking a general truth.(screenshot)
  • "Pardon me, sir. I did not do it on purpose." Marie Antoinette after stepping on her executioner's foot. (screenshot)
  • "Show my head to the people. It is worth seeing." Georges Danton to the executioner on his way to the guillotine. (screenshot)
  • "Hey, fellas! How about this for a headline for tomorrow’s paper? ‘French Fries’!" Thomas French in the electric chair, speaking to reporters. (screenshot)
  • "I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, you're only going to kill a man." Che Guevara (allegedly), before his execution. (screenshot)
  • "I am not going. Do with me what you like. I am not going. Come on! Come on! Take action!" Chief Sitting Bull, refusing to leave with the Indian Affairs police. (screenshot)
  • "I never should have switched from scotch to martinis." Humphrey Bogart. (Screenshot)
  • "Hurry up, you Hoosier bastard, I could kill ten men while you're fooling around!" Carl Panzram, serial killer, on the executioner taking too long. (screenshot)
  • "Now, now, my good man, this is no time to be making enemies." Voltaire, when asked by a priest to renounce Satan. (screenshot)
  • "Take a step forward, lads. It'll be easier that way." Robert Erskine Childers, facing a firing squad. (screenshot)