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Colorado school board member stands by castration remarks

A member of a rural Colorado school board isn’t backing down from her comments at a recent meeting suggesting that transgendered boys should be castrated if they want to use the girls’ restroom.

“I’m taking a stand,” Delta School District 50J board member Kathy Svenson is reported as saying by the Denver Post. “It will not happen here without a change in plumbing.”

Colorado made headlines several months ago when the state Civil Rights Division ruled that students could use the restroom for whichever gender they identified with. The ruling was in the case of a 6-year-old who was born a male but who identifies as female.

The Post reported that Svenson doesn’t believe in homosexuality or people who are transgender, saying they’re just confused. She told the Western Slope Watchdog website that she is more interested in protecting girls than in accommodating transgender students.

“I don’t want anybody with a dick in the girls’ restroom,” she said. “That is putting somebody else at risk in the unsafe zone. If [transgender boys] are going to be bullied in the boys’ bathroom, what do you think is going to happen in the girls’ bathroom with their dicks hanging out?”

Some people have called for Svenson to be recalled from the school board, but she said that some of her supporters — who the Post referred to as Constitutionalists and tea partiers — are demanding the recall of those board members who don’t agree with her.

She said she would support a third bathroom for transgender people, but also said she was considering starting a private school that would ignore laws protecting the rights of gay and transgender students. She also said she would not back down or quit the school board.

“I want to stay and fight the good fight,” she said on KUBC radio station.

“I was a tomboy growing up,” she said. “I did a lot of boy things. I’m lucky someone didn’t try to tell me I should be a boy.”

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