Bikini babes washing cars [SLIDESHOW]

Washing cars is an art, so here is this slideshow — for art.

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  • Laurie Ann wipes away the suds from the windscreen at Kittens Car Wash in the Melbourne suburb of Bentleight East, which faces closure as the local council claims they have a court order to close the business down, on May 21, 2006.  The official gripe is that the site is a traffic hazard, with girls in bikinis slinging soap suds and distracting passing motorists. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Kittens car wash in Bentleigh East was primarily involved in the promotion of Kittens strip club and required a separate business permit to continue operation.  The tribunal order instructed Kittens to reduce car wash staff from eight to two, remove promotional billboards and put up a fence on the Warrigal Road site by August 13.  Kittens manager Angelo Dimozantos said he was the victim of a moral crusade by Glen Eira Council, and vowed to continue the business. "We must be the only car wash in Melbourne that has a staff restriction placed on it," Mr Dimozantos said.  AFP PHOTO/William WEST (Photo credit should read WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Remember to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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  • Wax on, wax off.
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  • The more the merrier!
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  • ...and put your back into it. (photo: Getty Images)
  • Now suds it up...
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  • It's important to be thorough.
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  • Get it nice and wet
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