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Bath Time

Random acts of kindness: Sen.-elect Cory Booker (D-N.J.) never ceases to amaze when it comes to being at the scene of an amazing photo opportunity that reflects him helping people. This time he helped shovel snow. But that’s a tip of the iceberg compared to the other stuff he’s done. Read the Politico story here.

Speaking of acts of kindness…Sandy Hook is coming up. See what the relatives want here.

Are male gynos weird? The Daily Beast‘s Keli Goff sets off on a trecherous adventure today to answer this question. And no, not that kind of adventure. More specifically she asks, “In this day and age are they downright creepy?” Goff interviews a bunch of women who will only go by their first names to say everything from yeah, it’s creepy to no, it’s not. There has been a significant gender shift in OB-GYN in the last two decades. She sites two examples of awfulness — a rape and sexual abuse — at the hands of males. That seems a little unfair. Crime is crime. Doesn’t mean most men make bad gynos.

Meet Sec. of State John Kerry’s new dog. See “Ben” here.

NPR features Delia Ephron on the death of her sister. How has it affected how she looks at growing older? She asks herself a lot of questions. She remarked, “When you walked down the street did you notice things? Did you have a good time? Was it crisp out? Was it hot out? What I think happened to me is that I got very focused on the day and making the day matter.” Read and listen here.