9 corgis that are REALLY ready for Christmas [SLIDESHOW]

If it were up to these corgis, Christmas would be, like, TOMORROW.

Here are nine corgis that are super excited about Christmas, and one that is definitely not.

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  • But this corgi is simply not feeling the Christmas spirit. (Photo: Reddit)
  • The Sandovals know that even their most attractive kid can't compare to their corgi, so that's why he gets the whole Christmas card to himself. (Photo: Reddit)
  • There are no words. (Photo: The Daily Corgi)
  • This little guy even has his own corgi-sized Christmas tree. (Photo: Reddit)
  • It's Corgi Claus! (Photo: Reddit)
  • This corgi is being coy about how cute he looks. (Photo: Reddit)
  • This could be the cutest Christmas corgi of the season. (Photo: BuzzFeed Community)
  • ZOMG SO EXCITED 4 SANTA!!! (Photo: Reddit)
  • This little guy is all bundled up for Santa. (Photo: Reddit)
  • This corgi fell asleep because he's so excited about Christmas and it's not even here yet. (Photo: The Daily Corgi)

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