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Morning Mirror

 ”You [he] makes me want to be a better man.”Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets” and President Obama in a speech at Nelson Mandela‘s funeral this morning.

Lawmaker gets perk, pisses reporter off 

“Rep. Foxx makes 7p flight to DCA after we were diverted to RDU for broken plane. Most others didn’t. Because of course she did.  #ThisTown.” — Congressional and national security reporter John Bennett

Morning love note to The Mirror

“Hallo!! You look hot! How much do you want for your worn underpants and bra? I can write a check, bitcoin, mastercard and even paypal.. I only wish for to get my hands on a pair of panties that you had on you for a while.. I like to smell you! I am smell fetisch. Greetings, Bunkie” (Readers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Let’s hope this one isn’t writing from the local penitentiary.)

Self-appointed media critic 

“And that South African television presenter needs to not announce the arrival of all 91 heads of state, interrupting her colleagues.” — DefenseOne, Atlantic and The Week‘s Marc Ambinder.

Journo wants to be entertained…“I follow too many people who tweet about boring politics and not enough who tweet about the NFL.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Geraldo embroiled in lawsuit 

“Just finished 1st day deposition in lawsuit vs Hospital for Special Surgery so far they refuse to admit botched surgery destroyed my foot.” — FNC’s Geraldo Rivera.


D.C. TV journo passes for Edward Snowden in Miami

“Miami cabbie kept looking at me. then points and says in thick accent “you edward snowden.” We look alike? under the arms… maybe.” — ABC7 correspondent Stephen Tschida.

Holiday blues 

“Terrible things happen during the holidays. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” getting stuck in your head, for instance.” — Kenny Day, director, BrightRoll.

Mike Elk is a REAL reporter 

In an email to yours truly and Daily Beast‘s Eli Lake this morning, In These Times labor reporter Mike Elk, who often reminds people he has dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome and often accuses other reporters of racism, writes,”Yeah Eli when you reported on the need to invade Iraq, all the local paper wrote opeds giving your hero’s welcomes like the Chattanooga Times Free Press did for me. This called how real reporting kids.” Yesterday he informed me that he had to go to Chattanooga to be a real reporter. He wrote, Betsy, My journalistic credibility is impeccable – I have never had to issue corrections anywhere close to the scale of the magnitude that these reporters were forced. I gotta go catch a plane to Chattanooga and go interview workers. Its what real reporters do. melk” In case you missed all that bullshit yesterday or just want a reminder on how great Elk is, read here.

Congratulations to… BuzzFeed Political Editor McKay Coppins on his upcoming book leave. Katherine Miller will take his place. The impending plan happens in January.

Correction: Got my movie facts wrong. It was Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets” who said “You make me want to be a better man,” and  not Tom Cruise in “Jerry MacGuire.” The above has been changed.