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Scarborough on new budget deal: ‘Conservatives are getting ready to get rolled’ [VIDEO]

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough panned an impending budget deal about to be unveiled by a bipartisan congressional committee, saying fiscal conservatives “are getting ready to get rolled.”

Scarborough told a panel on “Morning Joe” Tuesday that a rumored budget agreement reached between Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan and Washington Democratic Sen. Patty Murray — the so-called Ryan-Murray plan — will be a bum deal for fiscal conservatives. The agreement reportedly trades real sequester cuts today for promised cuts in the future, a ruse Scarborough says we’ve seen before:

SCARBOROUGH: What conservatives are bothered about here — and I think it’s going to pass — but what they’re bothered about is Paul Ryan and Patty Murray are saying, “We’re going to add extra money now, but we’re going to take care of it ten years from now.” You know, on the out-years. And we all know that never comes to fruition.

So conservatives are getting ready to get rolled. I think this is going to pass but this doesn’t stop them, doesn’t stop the people at Heritage from being frustrated, like I was frustrated when people — if you want to talk about saving money, save money in the next two or three years. Because if you go ten years out, those cuts never come.

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski also offered some insight on the deal: “I thought [Republicans] were OK with the sequester,” she grumbled. “I’m confused.” Scarborough explained that many Republicans were abandoning the sequester due to deep defense cuts scheduled to hit early next year.

The deal — which will do nothing to slow entitlement spending or close tax loopholes — is expected to be filed in the House on Wednesday and could come to a vote as early as Friday.

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