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National Journal’s Grieve has ‘very cool’ news

This is Washington, so “cool” is all relative. But for the realm of journalism, National Journal‘s Editor-in-Chief Tim Grieve indeed has some good news to gush about. He’s hired two new reporters — one who has worked at the New York Post and most recently Politico, another from The Hill. He’s also promoting two — Patrick Reis (who once called me “a bitch” and mocked Politico‘s Mike Allen during a comedy show) and Matt Berman.

See the memo…

I want to let you all in on some very cool staff news.  There’s a lot, so buckle in.

First off, I’m very happy to announce that Andie Coller will be joining us next week as our deputy magazine editor. Andie started her career in New York, working as a reporter, writer and editor at a number of different publications, culminating at the New York Post. I got to know her in the early days of POLITICO, where she established herself quickly as an unusually thoughtful reporter and extremely talented writer who turned out many memorable pieces on how Washington actually works. Later, as an editor at POLITICO, she worked tirelessly behind the scenes, doing a million different things to make the daily product as well as the magazine better in every conceivable way. She’s a fantastic journalist and a really great colleague, and I know that you’re going to love working with her.

Next, I’m psyched to tell you that Brendan Sasso is heading our way.  If you follow tech news in Washington, Brendan needs no introduction.  As the lead writer for The Hill’s Hillicon Valley blog, he breaks news on the tech beat every day – and gives his competitors fits in the process.  Brendan is a Claremont McKenna grad, and his arrival at the Watergate next month will be a bit of a homecoming: He was a researcher at The Almanac of American Politics before he went to The Hill.

Brendan will help us launch our tech vertical early next year, adding to our rollout of must-read products on health care, energy and defense.  And there’s more news to report on that front. Patrick Reis is moving into a new role as NJ’s Policy Editor with responsibility for making our health care, tech and defense verticals rock.  Patrick worked closely with me on POLITICO Pro, and he has a totally intuitive sense of what works on these subject-specific products.  And as I think you’ve all seen in the few months he’s been here, he just makes stuff better. Time and again, I’ve watched Patrick join hands with other reporters and elevate their work.  I’m really happy to have him doing that full time in this new Policy Editor role.

Last but certainly not least, Matt Berman is taking on new responsibilities as the editor of NJ’s wire team.  “Meteoric rise” is a cliché, but I’d be hard pressed to think of a better way to describe the Matt Berman show.  He made the move from web editing to writing in June, and he instantly became one of the most exciting, highest energy, best-read writers on our staff. He’s also become the de facto leader of the team – a role we’re making official now. Our wire team has, from the start, been an incredibly collaborative and collegial production, and I don’t expect and wouldn’t want that to change.  But Matt will help give it shape and keep it heading in the right direction – whether we’re breaking major news or just making Eisenhower’s eggnog.

Please join me in welcoming Andie and Brendan and congratulating Patrick and Matt on their new roles.