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George W Bush wrote adorable letter to Alabama kicker [PHOTO]

After Alabama’s loss to Auburn on Nov. 30, many blamed Crimson Tide kicker Cade Foster, who missed three field goals during the game. Angry fans tweeted things to him like “go drink bleach,” and “Cade foster I’m gonna kill you and your family just FYI,” reports Fox News.

Foster has one supporter though in former President George W. Bush. Foster posted a photo to his Instagram of a letter, written on Dec. 3, from the Texas politician. The letter reads, “Dear Cade (#43), Life has its setbacks. I know! However you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best — Sincerely — another 43 George Bush.”

This heartwarming note isn’t the first time a president has written a fan letter to an athlete. In 1993, Bill Clinton wrote an encouraging note to basketball player Chris Webber, who was playing for University of Michigan at the time. Webber attempted to call a timeout during the championship game against University of North Carolina — when Michigan had none — and received a technical foul costing Michigan the game.

Clinton wrote a letter reading in part, “I have been thinking of you a lot since I sat glued to the TV during the championship game. I know that there may be nothing I or anyone else can say to ease the pain and disappointment of what happened … I know. I have lost two political races and made countless mistakes over the last twenty years. What matters is the intensity, integrity, and courage you bring to the effort … You have a great future. Hang in there.”

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