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George Washington, whiskey, an Emerson custom knife and helping Navy SEALs

Every year, the knife-maker Ernest Emerson holds an annual Christmas auction — and this year, he’s featuring a custom knife incorporating a handle made from a massive oak that stood on Washington’s Union Farm. I had the pleasure of working with Ernest on this project and acquiring the wood and other items for the auction. The knife is a all Emerson and personally handmade by Ernest himself.

The knife is a custom design called “The Patriot” and has a heavy Bowie folding blade.

Additionally, the George Washington collection includes memorabilia from Mount Vernon. The package includes:

  • A bottle of whiskey crafted at Washington’s distillery using his original recipe
  • A first issue stamp featuring the Purple Heart, the medal that Washington created for wounded or killed troops, that was cancelled at the Mount Vernon post office on its first day of issue
  • A flag that that was flown over Washington’s Mount Vernon home
  • The book “George Washington, Gentleman Warrior” signed by the author

The proceeds of this auction item go to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation. The auction ends December 14th at 4:45 PM Eastern time.

Check out this auction for an outstanding cause. Click here to see the auction, and please be generous.