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Incredible Bionic Man to crown winner

Here’s a weird one for Washington.

Today the Incredible Bionic Man (we’re sure he’ll have help) heads to the National Museum of Natural history to crown the winner of a contest to create an artificial body part from ordinary household items. Four finalists will attend. The winner walks with $5,000. The contestants were students from along the Eastern Seaboard.

The contest is sponsored by Smithsonian Channel, Comcast and Cablevisions Power.

Fun fact: Smithsonian Channel is the exclusive U.S. television home to chronicle the behind-the-scenes story of the world’s first real Bionic Man – a 6-foot-tall robot built entirely from bionic body parts and implantable synthetic organs – complete with a functioning circulatory system.

The event is at 2 p.m. Members of the media who want to attend should contact Josh Gross at