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UNH students, here’s the new logo your $65K bought

The University of New Hampshire recently unveiled its brand new logo, which was designed as part of a rebranding effort and cost $65,000.

Students are not pleased.

The new logo is very simple: a white and blue shield with the letters “NH”–something that even a not-particularly-tech-savvy person could throw together with minimal effort, most students think.

“It looks a little old-fashioned. It looks almost like we’re an online college — just a place you can just take online classes,” said Jess Snowdon, a UNH student, in a statement to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Still, the college described the new logo as a “crisp, contemporary shield that strongly displays ‘NH.’” The colors are supposed to represent the white snow and blue waters of the state of New Hampshire, according to Campus Reform.

It’s all about marketing, said NH President Mark Huddleston.

“Like any serious enterprise in a competitive marketplace, we must invest in and manage our identity clearly and with consistency for those who know of our excellence and those who are learning about UNH for the first time,” said Huddleston in a statement.

The university hired a New York design firm to spearhead the redesign at a cost of $65,000. UNH did not respond to a request for comment as to whether that expense was worth it.

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