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Woman flips off entire neighborhood using Christmas lights [PHOTO]

A Louisiana woman has pissed off her neighbors by decorating her roof with Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger for the second year in a row.

Sarah Childs of Denham Springs first put up the Christmas lights last year as a big “f*ck you” to a neighbor she claimed stole her dog, but the city made her take them down, Louisiana Radio Network reports. The ACLU got involved, claiming that it was a violation of the First Amendment, so the city dropped the whole thing. (For the record, police never found any indication that anyone stole Childs’ dog, according to WBRZ Baton Rouge.)

This year, Childs says that she plans to put up three middle fingers and that she is being “harassed” by her neighbor Kayla Weldon for the giant middle finger on her roof. Weldon says that Childs doesn’t even live at the house anymore.

“And she’s putting another finger on the roof? Are you serious? She’s only coming over here to antagonize me and bring up old shit,” Weldon told Louisiana Radio Network. “She just wants attention. That’s all this is about.”

Childs contradicts her neighbor, saying: ”I’m not doing this for publicity. What other way do I have to express my angst? People have feelings and emotions. And she’s still slandering me all over Facebook.”

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