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5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

This week’s dunces are as follows.

5. “brb, stuffing my face with indian food and going to bed”Washington Examiner‘s Online Editor Justin Green, who has made this list for five consecutive weeks in a row.

4. “My eyes hurt when I roll them. Is that normal? Send help.” — Johanna Barr, news editor, HuffPost.

3. “Brunch is overrated. It’s just breakfast you’ve waited too long to eat.” – NYT Social Media Staff Editor Daniel Victor.

2. “Are more Doritos-flavored foods on the way?” — HuffPost, with a link to this AP story that discusses Doritos as a crunchy topping for wings. Huh?! Gross, weird and boring. What an accomplishment.

1. “Turns out the one real-world task my philosophy of logic degree prepared me for is fact-checking scripts about an alternate universe.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who talks like Merriam Webster but here he sounds like Shirley MacLaine. We have no f$#king idea what he’s trying to say here. But yes, he is living in an alternate universe.