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(Photo: iWatch Concept by Esben Oxholm) (Photo: iWatch Concept by Esben Oxholm)  

Apple iWatch reportedly has a release date

Inside sources cited in C Technology said the iWatch, Apple’s rumored smartwatch, is set to debut alongside the Califronia innovator’s new iPhone in October 2014.

Apple is reportedly far along in two prototype designs which feature 100-milliamp hour (mAh) batteries, which will likely increase to match the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch’s 315 mAh battery. The iWatch will also charge wirelessly from more than three feet away, while the Galaxy has to be plugged into a charging cradle.

Early reports said there would be two screen sizes for men and women at 1.7 and 1.3 inches, but the new C Technology report states the company has yet to decide on a final screen size.

The company’s long-rumored iTV has apparently been put on priority hold in order to focus on getting a product out into the increasingly competitive smartwatch market, though if past is any indication at Apple, research and development likely continues.

C Technology has mixed reviews for accuracy — the site’s early reports about the latest iPhone 5s and 5c models turned out to be correct, while speculation about the newest iPad lines were less so.

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