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Morning Mirror Editor-in-Chief has stinky seat mate

“I’ve been in for profit mexican prisons that smell better than the guy next to me on this plane.” — Reason‘s Nick Gillespie.


And the Acela is full of drunken bros…

“If any of my fellow Acela passengers feel the need to homicide the shit out of the two obnoxious drunk bros I’ll testify on your behalf.”  – BuzzFeed D.C. Bureau Chief John Stanton. “One of the bros actually knocked himself cross eyed when hit his head on the luggage bin. So they may die from their own douchocity.” A follower wrote in… ”Try sending them a note telling them to eat your dick. Or does that only work with fake people?”

Journos whine, Twitter listens

“I liked the old way better: When you blocked someone on twitter, they were instantly covered in boils.” — WaPo Book World Editor Ron Charles.

“Hey Twitter, your new block policy absolutely SUCKS!” — TV One’s Roland Martin.

“Thinking we should start a microblogging site where users can share up to 180 characters & with a block function #restoretheblock“ – defense reporter Laura Rozen.

“Some asshole is right now texting his friend saying how effective his change dot org petition was.” The (Atlantic) Wire‘s Philip Bump.

Speaking of Twitter … “It’s a great way to get insulted by a thousand people at once.” — ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Media Matters writer gets preachy (imagine that)  

“For every idiot who mocked Michelle Obama this week w/ a petty attack about her ‘glare,’ feel free to apologize.” — Eric Boehlert.

And this…“BREAKING: ‘whiteness’ is not some actual thing out there in the world, but a category constructed by human societies.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.


“I feel bad because Jim Nolte @nolteNC of Breitbart no longer trolls anyone from BuzzFeed.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski referring to the Breitbart editor.

This Town in real time at the White House 

“We stood in line behind @MarkLeibovich to shake hands with @BarackObama and @MichelleObama at White House holiday party. #thistown“ – Politico‘s Jonathan Allen.

Blogger grades Metro “D” for dirty 

“DC Metro should be ashamed of itself. Trashy dirty never on time & just D grade. I used to be proud only this system. No more.” – Pamela’s Punch’ Pamela Sorensen.

A depressing train ride

“The 6:25 NE Regional is the sad aunt that drinks alone of the Amtrak empire. I recommend it if you hate people or need to get work done.” — Digital First Media‘s Aunty Mandy Jenkins.

Convo Between Two Journos: Gene Weingarten gets a happy ending 

WaPo’s Gene Weingarten and CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. 

WEINGARTEN: I have recently discovered that my man Toobs @JeffreyToobin no longer follows me. I am trying to deal with this. Give me space.

TOOBIN: “@geneweingarten not true!! You lead. I follow!”

WEINGARTEN: Whoa!!! I am complete again. I weep. @JeffreyToobin not true!! You lead. I follow!


You did what to a chicken? 

“Trussed a chicken with a hair elastic. We’ll see.” — Marketplace’ Lizzie O’Leary.

Shit NBC’s Luke Russert still hears 

“Sounds like quite the life. Much belated but your dad was the man and I was really sorry to see him pass.” — Kevin McCaffrey (no one you should know). Seriously, much belated? McCaffrey, Tim Russert died in 2008.