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The young and the screwed

Photo of Salvator La Mastra
Salvator La Mastra
Author, 'Twentysomethings: A Young Voter's Guide to the 2012 Elections'

Young Americans have been screwed ever since President Obama and his cohort of Democrats stormed the White House and ushered in a lifetime of liberal policies that have consistently screwed the next generation of Americans.

Youth unemployment is now hovering around 16 percent and those lucky enough to find a job are working minimum wage, part-time jobs with little upward mobility. Young adults are saying goodbye to careers and jumping from temporary part-time job to temporary part-time job just to keep up with bills. Add to this the highest amount of student loan debt in history, and you have around $25,000 of debt hanging around the neck of your average recent college graduate.

Outstanding student loan debt as of today amounts to over $1 trillion, but the government, a.k.a. taxpayers, worries little about repayment because the government has given these student loan departments and institutions broad collection authority, greater than that of credit card lenders. Debt acquired through student loans cannot be shed in bankruptcy. No matter what happens, there is virtually no way to get out of paying back student loans. This has a dramatic effect on students who are unable to find a job out of college, and those who spend a great deal of time repaying their student loans may end up delaying major life events like marriage and buying a home

To top all this off the president and his party have added Obamacare, which does nothing but continue to diminish young Americans’ hopes of achieving the American dream. They were promised more access to care, lower premiums, and more government oversight. In 2013 they are getting less access to care since they are not allowed to keep their doctors, and skyrocketing premiums because Obama forget to tell them that they would be paying for the country’s healthcare needs.

Sadly, it is impossible to throw all the blame for the future downward spiral of the American youth solely on Democrats. Republicans in congress have agreed to soft-pedal dealing with America’s debt problem. The bipartisan budget deal between Rep. Ryan and Senator Murray is just the next step those in Washington D.C. have taken to ensure the destruction of the next generation of Americans.

It is deeply saddening that Rep. Ryan, who has been a favorite of fiscal conservatives, has capitulated to one of the most liberal senators and agreed upon a budget that actually raises the debt we owe to foreign powers. We had thought when the Republicans stood up to Democrat bullies and shut down the government a few months ago, they would be emboldened to take a strong stance on budgetary issues.