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Jeff Fager (L), chairman CBS News and executive producer  Jeff Fager (L), chairman CBS News and executive producer '60 Minutes', Scott Pelley, anchor and managing editor CBS Evening News and David Rhodes (R) president CBS News, speak at the CBS Television Network's 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Pres CBS News is biased… against Obamacare

According to one petition, some people actually think the media has been too hard on Obamacare.

Selena Martinez created the petition, which has gained the support of 70,000 frequenters, to push “CBS Evening News” into covering more Obamacare success stories, which Martinez claims actually exist.

According to Martinez, CBS News has been preventing people from getting health insurance by covering an array of Obamacare problems that have arisen since the exchanges launched in October, from failures, to security flaws, to millions that have lost their health insurance plans, to higher premiums and deductibles for exchange customers.

“Because of the frequent negative stories aired by CBS Evening News, many people have delayed signing up for coverage that they desperately need,” Selena Martinez wrote, according to a press release.

“The Affordable Care Act has been gradually improving the health insurance market since 2010, but media outlets like the CBS Evening News are failing to share the stories of people that benefit from ACA,” the petition reads.

Martinez tried to meet with CBS News executives when dropping off her petition at the CBS News offices in New York City, but CBS executives were unable to come down to the front desk to speak with the Martinezes and their film crew.

While Martinez acknowledged that is a “faulty website that cast shames (sic) on comprehensive health care reform,” she accused CBS News of not providing “a complete overview of the millions of people that will live because of ACA, people like [her] daughter, Julia.”

Julia Martinez was diagnosed with lupus at age 21 and will remain on her mother’s health insurance plan until age 26, according to her mother. While that would indicate that neither Martinez woman will actually purchase insurance on an Obamacare exchange, the Martinezes support the extended rules and the ban on insurers not accepting applicants with pre-existing conditions.

While the Martinez’s have benefited from the changes, other Americans have not. CBS has covered the plight of millions whose insurance plans have been cancelled entirely due to more stringent rules and the limited access to new insurance plans on the faulty federal exchange.

But instead of covering these CBS should “not discourage people from getting the health care they need in order to gin up ratings,” Martinez concluded. buttressed its criticisms of CBS News with a report from Media Matters for America which alerted Americans to the fact that Obamacare coverage in the network news media has been overwhelmingly negative.

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