15 sexy Santas [SLIDESHOW]

TheDC Entertainment

What is better than one sexy Santa? Fifteen sexy Santas, that’s what.

Consider this slideshow an early Christmas present. (You’re welcome! Don’t even mention it.)

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  • "Alessandra Ambrosio, wouldn't you guide my sleigh tonight?", is one corny pickup line you should not attempt.
  • Ah, Cindy Crawford. One of the originators of the sexy Santa.
  • Don't know who Michelle Monaghan is, don't care. Here she is in a full-on slutty Santa costume, and for this we will always remember her.
  • Here is Taylor Swift being all cutesy in a Santa hat, because of course.
  • Old school Jessica Simpson in a sexy Santa getup is still timely in moments such as these.
  • Katy Perry makes one hot Mrs. Claus.
  • It's just not Christmas until Mariah Carey is in a Santa hat. It's just not.
  • We prefer to remember Lindsay Lohan looking cute in a Santa hat, rather than the over-injected face thing she's got going on these days.
  • Here are four sexy Santas singing "Jingle Bells" in "Mean Girls" so technically there are 19 sexy Santas on this list. We are just so giving.
  • Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge looks angelic in the Santa hat and Photoshopped snowscape.
  • Come on, you know you wouldn't mind Heidi Klum sliding down your chimney tonight. (Zing!)
  • It's not really fair to compare any sexy Santas to Gisele Bundchen because no one really compares to her, but you know what? Life's not fair. Sorry to break it to you, other sexy Santas.
  • Even in black and white, Victoria's Secret angel Doutzen Kroes is one sexy Santa, although color would be nice. What is this, 1920?
  • Danielle Lloyd here is a British "glamour model," which is a fancy term for slutty model who poses topless. Merry Christmas!
  • Bar Rafaeli took a lot of heat on Twitter for posting this photo to her Instagram account because she is Israeli and Jewish. But we admire her for embracing ALL religions and applaud her courage for posing in a bra and Santa hat.