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‘Homeland’ Pisses Off Weiner ex-phone sex mistress Sydney Leathers

Showtime’s “Homeland,” how dare you.

You’ve upset the ex-online phone sex mistress of former New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner. Can life possibly get any worse? Probably, but we’re sticking with Sydney Elaine Leathers on this one since you murdered former congressman, U.S. Marines platoon sergeant and possible al-Qaeda sympathizer Nicholas Brody on Sunday night’s show.


We first noticed this urgent news nugget from BuzzFeed‘s Chief LA Correspondent Kate Arthur, who tweeted about it, saying, “Emergency:  Homeland has lost Sydney Leathers.”

Leathers continued, “Thanks for the nightmares,#Homeland.” When a follower suggested there’s a way Brody might not be dead, she was incredibly relieved. “Hopefully Javadi did it 4 show; will keep Brody hidden 4 safety, will show when Carrie has the baby,” the kind soul wrote her. She replied, rather dramatically, “I would die happy if that was the case. That was terribly upsetting.”

Leathers had one final brilliant idea. She wrote, “If the dog can come back to life on Family Guy, can Brody come back to Homeland? #Ineedtogetalife.”