For Democrats, political correctness is the new McCarthyism

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) operative who launched a widely mocked boycott of The Daily Caller has also promoted men who engaged in sexual harassment.

DNC deputy communications director Lily Adams called for Republican leaders to boycott The Daily Caller and Rush Limbaugh and the DNC launched an organizing drive to pressure the GOP to “stop enabling rhetoric that condones sexual harassment.”

The DNC’s latest effort to suppress the free speech of conservative outlets based on trumped-up or falsified claims of bigotry (basically their only tactic) focuses on the Caller and Limbaugh because we defended the constitutional right for men to be able to look at attractive women in public places.

That’s shameful sexism according to Adams, a nepotist whose grandmother Ann Richards was governor of Texas and whose mother is the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. So, using DNC logic, let’s have a look at Ms. Adams’ social media accounts.

When not tweeting insipid talking points or posting Facebook photographs of herself playing tennis, vacationing in Maine, or enjoying lavish trips to Africa and Asia, Adams found time to declare on Twitter November 8 that John Fogerty is “awesome in concert.”

“I like the way you walk. I like the way you talk…You say that you’ll be mine, baby all the time,” Fogerty’s band Creedence Clearwater Revival declared in the lyrics to their song “Susie Q,” which glorified the act of men admiring women and even suggested that a woman should be the possession of the song’s male narrator.

“Seriously. Can people learn to just stop with comparing anything to rape or situations involving rape?,” Adams tweeted on November 22.

Hmm. Sure sounds like Ms. Adams is suggesting that we should not remind Americans on a daily basis of the grave crime of sexual assault. That’s my interpretation, at least. “DNC flack insults rape survivors in latest despicable battle in the War on Women”? Yeah, that works. Let’s go with it.

“Happy Birthday to my friend…who shares a bday with and looks as young as Justin Bieber,” Adams wrote on Facebook on March 1.

Objectification of the opposite gender? Check.

“Grateful for all the nice messages today from all over and feeling pretty lucky to spend tonight with the same gals I’ve spent birthdays w/ for more than a decade,” Adams wrote in a Facebook caption to a photo on March 15.

Gals? Who are you calling ‘Gals’? Women are women. Full stop. I, for one, am not going to enable rhetoric that patronizes women and depicts them as leggy nightclub showgirls from Lily Adams’ backward 1920s-era vision of America. We’ve moved forward, Lily. Get used to it.