Gay CNN anchor defends ‘Duck Dynasty’ star: ‘I don’t think he should be fired’

Brendan Bordelon | Contributor

“Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson got an unlikely boost Wednesday when CNN anchor Don Lemon — who is gay — told Piers Morgan he disagrees with Robertson’s “indefinite suspension” from the A&E television network over his anti-gay remarks.

An outraged Morgan repeatedly slammed Robertson and his corporate affiliates in the strongest terms, clearly hoping Lemon would jump on the bandwagon. But the CNN anchor took a more measured view:

MORGAN: Final question to you, Don. Should he be allowed back? Should he just be fired from the show for this? And what is the corporate, responsible reaction from Wal-Mart, who sells so much “Duck Dynasty” products?

LEMON: Listen, I always err on the side of free speech. Just because I’m offended — as I said, people can say whatever they want to say. I don’t think people should be fired. I think the marketplace should decide. If people don’t like “Duck Dynasty,” they shouldn’t watch “Duck Dynasty.” But listen, as someone who comes from Louisiana, grew up there, was born there, in the place where they actually shoot the story — and listen, I’m not saying this is anything people don’t know about Louisiana, about the South and about America — it is a place where many people still feel and think the way he thinks. So, I personally, if you’re asking me my personal opinion, I don’t think he should be fired. I think people should be allowed to say what they want, and if they hang themselves, they hang themselves.

Morgan responded that he “won’t be as kind” as Lemon, claiming Robertson’s comments were “absolutely repulsive” and calling for his firing.

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