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WELL, THAT WAS WEIRD: CNN anchor cuts mic mid-interview to hack up ‘hairball’

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin had to kill her microphone in the middle of an interview to hack up what Jake Tapper called “quite a hairball,” though Baldwin claimed she was only fighting off a cold.

The strange moment occurred during a Thursday segment with Tapper on Dennis Rodman’s most recent trip to North Korea. You can see Baldwin’s eyes glaze over and her throat clench uncomfortably a few seconds before she is forced to cut Tapper off mid-sentence.

“Guy — forgive me Tapper — kill my mic, I am about hacka — hack up –” she says, as her audio goes dead. Cue 12 seconds of excruciatingly awkward television, as Jake Tapper stares concernedly into the camera. “Hello?” he asks plaintively at one point.

An embarrassed Baldwin eventually reappears. “Sorry, Tapper. I had to cough, I’m fighting a cold. Forgive me, not beautiful.” Tapper took it lightly, saying she “must’ve had quite a hairball in there.”

An obviously chagrined Baldwin attempted to apologize again at the end of the segment. “They have water in Atlanta, right?” Tapper cracked, raising his coffee mug to the camera. Baldwin raised a styrofoam cup of tea. “Tapper, cheers. Cheers my friend,” she finished.

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