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Who’s worse: Phil Robertson or Floyd Lee Corkins?

If you don’t know who Floyd Lee Corkins is, that’s no accident. The same crew who are currently condemning a reality-TV star for quoting scripture, and finding homosexuality “just not logical,” have never wanted to talk about the gay-rights activist who walked into the DC headquarters of the Family Research Council with a pistol and a backpack full of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, planning an atrocity.

As Corkins notes, he planned his attempted mass murder, just a few blocks away from the White House, with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center and their unintentionally ironic “Hate Map”:

Here we have a direct link between a leftist advocacy group pushing gay marriage and an act of political violence, and it has been swept under the rug.

Whereas now we have Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who said some words that GLAAD didn’t like. (I won’t reiterate what he said, on the assumption that you haven’t been in a coma for the past week.) For the infraction of expressing his religious beliefs, in his trademark blunt and straightforward style, he’s been suspended by his network and it looks like the show might stop production altogether. A&E would rather shut down a record-shattering ratings success, throw away all that money, than offend a handful of thinskinned liberals.

Which is their right. As the mighty Burge notes:


I’d never seen the show before all this happened, but I caught an episode last night. It’s obviously staged, but those guys are hilarious. Uncle Si should get his own show. And more importantly, it’s clear that they’re a very tight-knit family with strong religious beliefs, and they love each other very much. If A&E wants to throw that away and alienate millions of viewers, I’m sure some other network will be glad to snap up the show. And all those ad dollars.

Floyd Lee Corkins, inspired by a media campaign against a fast-food chain, planned to shoot a bunch of people and defile their corpses because they oppose gay marriage. He was thwarted by a brave security guard named Leo Johnson, who was shot and permanently injured in the struggle. But hey, at least Corkins didn’t hurt any gay people’s feelings.

Just remember…

Trying to kill people who oppose gay marriage: ACCEPTABLE

Expressing your personal beliefs about homosexuality, when specifically asked: UNACCEPTABLE

Exit quotation goes to Aleister G:

Liberal critics of Phil Robertson can get back to the rest of us when they’ve explained their support for diplomatic relations with Iran and their silence on Floyd Lee Corkins.

Until then, their outrage is as useless as ears on a duck.