9 women who are DEFINITELY not wearing enough clothing for winter [SLIDESHOW]

We are VERY concerned about the well-being of these extremely underdressed women during these freezing winter months.

That fur-trimmed bra is just not going to cut it, honey. Here are nine women who are this close to pneumonia with their scantily clad attire.

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  • Wearing too few clothes in the winter has become an epidemic. (Photo: Getty)
  • This is simply irresponsible. (Photo: Getty)
  • A fur stole over nothing but lingerie is a recipe for pneumonia, honey. (Photo: Getty)
  • Sure, just put on a neglige and walk out the door in them middle of December in New York. GREAT IDEA. (Photo: Getty)
  • Do you really think that furry thing on your rear end is going to keep you warm? You get props for covering the top of your head, but other than that you would not survive in the cold. (Photo: Getty)
  • Kate Upton may be wearing boots with the fur, but there is NO WAY she did not get pneumonia after this photo shoot in Antarctica. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)
  • THIS is what you are going to wear to a movie premiere in December in New York City? Apparently, it is if you are a professional lingerie model. (Photo: Getty)
  • Good God. (Photo: Getty)
  • Honey, this might work in Brazil, but this is North America where it gets cold. Cover that thing up or you will catch a cold. (Photo: Getty)