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Politico publicist gets early Christmas present

Just in time for the holidays, Olivia Petersen, a publicist for Politico, is getting her present early in the form of a promotion. Her title is now Director of Public Relations.

In an internal memo, she received high praise. “This year she broke records we never considered,” wrote Sara Olson, Executive Director of Media and Marketing. “…Bottom line: Olivia knows what it takes to get people talking about Politico.”


See the full memo below…

Subject: Great news

All –

I wanted to take a minute to recognize and congratulate the person who powers POLITICO’s hype Jets: The talented and dedicated Olivia Petersen.

Over the last two years, Olivia has worked tirelessly to get POLITICOs on television and radio. Just this year – along with Suzie Romeo and Cate Martel’s hard work– she broke records we never even considered. In October alone, POLITICO reporters and editors (you all!) did more than 800 television and radio appearances. This is an outstanding number.

On top of overseeing the strategic direction of the booking department, Olivia has also been instrumental in promoting POLITICO’s new products, special projects and events. This fall that included: three Pro launches, POLITICO Magazine, Women Rule, the Obamacare Guide, Capital New York, our Va. Poll, POWERJobs and too many events to count. She’s secured placement in everything from Ed Week to Zagat to The Weather Channel to The New York Times.

Bottom line: Olivia knows what it takes to get people talking about POLITICO. And that’s why I’m excited to share that Olivia has been promoted to Director of Public Relations.

In this position, Olivia will continue to oversee the TV/Radio department but will take a larger role in managing the promotion of the company’s biggest initiatives and partnerships.

Please take a moment to congratulate Olivia on her much-deserved promotion!