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Does Pajama Boy just need to butch up?

Fabled left-wing columnist Michael Tomasky provided a lesson this weekend in why you shouldn’t take business advice from people who don’t believe in the free market.

“That ‘Pajamaboy’ ad for is indeed terrible,” the Daily Beast columnist wrote, conceding that this is one outrage on which he agrees with conservatives, “and I’m afraid that it does say something about liberalism and liberals that someone, or several someones, at Organizing for America thought this ad would be in any way effective.” (RELATED: Should we stop being mean to Pajama Boy?)

Tomasky, a Newsweek “special correspondent,” distances himself from the “psycho gay-baiting” against onesie model Ethan Krupp, but he concedes that the insufferable man-child is likely to produce disgust from the Obamacare’s youthful targets. And he has a better idea.

“[I]f you’re trying to reach these so-called Young Invincibles who think they don’t need insurance, with what kinds of people do you reach them?” Tomasky asks. “Simple: People more invincible than they are. So, how about an athletic white guy holding his snowboard? A strong-looking Latina woman cradling a soccer ball? A strapping young black male gripping a basketball — no; not a basketball, liberalism, a goddamn football! Et cetera. And a headline with something like: ‘Yeah, I’m healthy. But I bought insurance anyway.’”

Sounds interesting, but as Number Two had to keep reminding Dr. Evil, that already happened.

The Obama administration has made repeated efforts to tie the Affordable Care Act to the manly world of sport, with expensive and embarrassing results. The Department of Health and Human Services tried to get promotion from the National Basketball Association, while Covered California got L.A. Clippers point guard Chris Paul to promote the new law at an event sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

“We can reach young adults,” Paul told CBS in Los Angeles at the time. “We’re with kids all day, every day, and they’re watching our games, and we have an influence, so we have an opportunity to use our voice.”

HHS also reached out for help from the National Football League, but was rebuffed. But the Baltimore Ravens participated in Obamacare promotion for a small price. (RELATED: Baltimore Ravens receive $130,000 in taxpayer cash to promote Obamacare)