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HuffPost displays Homer Simpson with foot fetish

What the hell?

At 4:30 a.m. this morning, HuffPost came out with this: “WARNING: If you don’t want to see Marge Simpson naked, turn away now.” At this point you must know that HuffPost is a big enough tent to include a big, expandable garbage bag worth of stories, many on the Kardashian family.



But today, in a disturbing promenade into the new year, they offer up an erotic artist with a new kinky version of the Simpsons. As in Homer in sexy black high heels kinky and Marge with a nip slip and ultimately totally nude. The most disturbing image isn’t even a naked Marge. It’s Homer in what looks to be a black velour robe showing off a solo heel in his right hand. And later still, he’s donned nothing but a white button-down shirt and a red hat that looks like it was purchased in the women’s department. He’s sitting with his legs effeminately crossed and he’s wearing strappy black sandals with red bows.

Since when is Homer a cross dresser?

While they show Marge’s breasts but not her vagina, thankfully they steer clear of Homer’s crotch, although in one picture he is naked.

See here. But as they’ve warned, you’ll never unsee this.