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Retired ethics professor (and pastor) busted for leaving obscene sex notes in porta-potties

Collage: Getty Images, local police photo

He later instructed cops that his behavior was ‘wrong’

Rose McGowan witnesses 'knockout game' attack

Rose McGowan in "Grindhouse" (2007) (Photocredit: Troublemaker Studios, Dimension Films)
Actress recounts incident on Twitter

Krauthammer: America 'approaching European levels of chronic unemployment'

'That's never happened here'

Washington forces incandescent light bulb on American people

Light bulb
What would Thomas Edison think?

STRIKE TWO: 18,000 left without coverage after new Medicaid glitch

Try to sign up for Obamacare. Or not, whatever. It was easier to get iOS7 than it is to sign up for Obamacare today. (Screenshot: Jake Harris.)
'This really is a national problem'

How long will it take Bill de Blasio to destroy the Big Apple?

New York City's skyline. Robert Glusic/Getty Images.

Not so fast, pundits

'YMCA' totally not about gay sex, says Village Person

‘The song is universal’

If I were a liberal, I would be furious with Obama

Obama smiling Getty Images

‘For once, under Obama, political opposites find some agreement.’

Ron Paul: Obamacare may 'totally self-destruct' if millions of fed-up enrollees quit

'One day it's gonna be so bad, people will opt out'

Conservative talk radio pioneer dies

Bob Grant

Bob Grant paved the way for the likes of Rush Limbaugh

Latest Obamacare ad pits Parkour expert against idiot

Because insurance

UCF QB's girlfriend is way more famous than him, for good reason

Sure, Blake Bortles upset Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl, but more importantly, he landed this hottie

Swearing-in happens with an iPad

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sworn in by former President Bill Clinton in City Hall, New York

They couldn’t find a Bible

'Breaking Bad' contest winner better call Saul

Breaking BAd

Or a real life lawyer, since he was arrested for being the ringleader of a synthetic marijuana ring

Criminalizing emotional abuse will do more harm than good


New legislation in the U.K. would make abusive speech a crime.

Gun parts manufacturer leaving Colorado for Texas, Wyoming

Magpul Logo

Magpul follows through on its threat after new gun laws take effect

Donald Trump has field day with trapped Antarctic expedition

Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic
Global warming is fired