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BuzzFeed LGBT editor: How gay is Ben Smith?

Seriously, this takes some balls.

LGBT Editor, Saeed Jones, unearthed some information about his boss, Ben Smith, through a gaydar test on the “Gay or Straight” website. The result? At least according to Jones, who reported the findings on Twitter, Smith came out 75 percent gay. When you click on the link, the needle currently rests on 62 percent gay based on 24 voters.

The findings are, however, quite murky.

The site muddies up its own results, saying, “The sexual orientation of Ben Smith is heterosexual/straight.” Another sentence lumps in Smith with Hollywood celebrities: ”However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Ben Smith is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

Gay or Straight asks, “Is Ben Smith gay or straight? Here you find the sexual orientation of Ben Smith. Do you think Ben Smith’s sexual nature is correct? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.” You can then link on a page that allows you to disclose your thoughts on Smith’s sexual orientation. For example, you can tell the site he’s a lesbian, gay, bi or hetero. Then they wonder, “Do you have a source to back up this claim?” and give you space for thoughts.

Reactions to the “news” were widespread. Alex Murphy, the web editor at DC Metro Theater Arts, remarked, “Damn, they ruined your surprise coming out party!” AP but soon-to-be NYT‘s Matt Apuzzo: “@BuzzFeedBen I’m so happy for you.” Another follower helpfully pointed out that Smith was “Also 43 percent pregnant.” And still others weighed in and said Smith was only 53 percent gay, not 75 percent.


Smith, who has small children and is married to Latvian writer  and Hyperlocal Publisher Liena Zagaret (pictured above), retweeted the findings with a single word proceeding them: “Um.”

Yeah, um. Pretty, um, nervy for an employee. Good for Smith though for at least appearing to take the gayness test in stride and for allowing the work of the site’s LGBT section to shine its light on the head honcho. Saeed himself weighed in on Ben’s “um,” asking, “Ben, what the hell are you doing in your office right now, dude?”

Smith replied, “WORK.” Saeed replied, “Werrrrrrrrrk.”

The Mirror sought reaction from Smith, asking if he found the whole thing funny or inapproprpiate. He replied, “I have no further reaction than ‘um.’”