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Clinton and de Blasio. Getty Images. Clinton and de Blasio. Getty Images.  

God forsakes Bill de Blasio’s mayorship

Well, His book has, anyway.

Jamie Schram, Larry Celona, and Yoav GonenJanuary, NY Post:

The FDR bible used by Mayor Bill de Blasio for his swearing in vanished after the New Year’s Day ceremony, sparking a panicked, hours-long search for the historic tome.

“They had the whole detail looking through blankets,” a police source said of the scramble by at least 50 NYPD detectives and city officials to find the Bible, which was given to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a gift at his first inauguration in March 1933…

When it was found, just before 5 pm, one of the detectives held it aloft at the top of the stairs in the rotunda, shouting, “We found it!” as a crowd broke out in applause.

I don’t understand why this is a big deal. Since when do commies care about God anyway? He’s just a rival for their affections among the proletariat.

Fun time is over, New York. You thought Bloomberg was bad? Time to send in Snake Plissken.