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Police free 6-year-old boy who locked himself in his parents’ fuzzy handcuffs

Parents, this is will teach you to keep your sex toys hidden in a much better hiding place.

Police in Hösbach, Germany had to use “special tools” on a six-year-old boy after he accidentally locked himself into his parents’ fuzzy handcuffs on New Year’s Eve.

The Local reports that the boy’s parents were having a New Year’s Eve party when he grew increasingly bored and decided to go through some stuff in their bedroom. That’s when he found mommy and daddy’s sex toy stash and decided to stick his little hands into the fuzzy handcuffs.

He then went into the room where his parents were having the party, and depending on the coolness level of the guests there, everyone either a) laughed or b) shrieked in horror.

According to the police report, his parents could not find the key to the handcuffs. Because they were on so tight, his mother and grandmother decided to take the boy to the Aschaffenburg-Hösbach police station where police used “special tools” to get the cuffs off of the little boy.

Fortunately, the kid was unchained around 9:15 p.m., so his parents still had plenty of time to get freaky by the time 2014 rolled around.

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