UCF QB’s girlfriend is way more famous than him, for good reason [SLIDESHOW]

Blake Bortles has a lot to be thankful for. The University of Central Florida quarterback not only brought the Knights to the Fiesta Bowl, but upset favored Baylor 52-42 in a great victory.

Even with his impressive football accomplishments, he was called out on ESPN before the Fiesta Bowl for not being as popular as his girlfriend. Gene Wojciechowski told Bortles that his model girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, garnered over six million Google results, versus Bortles’ meager 224,000 hits.

UCF coach George O’Leary couldn’t help but add his two sense, reports Gamedayr. O’Leary said, “I would hope as a head coach that the numbers would be reversed, but obviously, you haven’t seen his girlfriend. She deserves six million Googles.”

As of Thursday, the results number has doubled to over 12 million. Take a look at the pictures from her Instagram and see if you can do anything but agree with O’Leary.

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  • Taking a much needed cool-off after all these photos. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Proudly serving our country in some way, I'm sure. (Photo: Instagram)
  • I've got sunshine on a cloudy day. (Photo: Instagram)
  • She skates, too. (Photo: Instagram)
  • There's always time to hang by the pool in Orlando. (Photo: Instagram)
  • With Bortles. (Photo: Instagram)
  • I've heard paddling improves the pectoral muscles. (Photo: Instagram)
  • It's never a bad day to be on a boat. (Photo: Instagram)
  • See if you can spot the dog. (Photo: Instagram)

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