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Newly elected Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio (R) is sworn in by former President Bill Clinton at City Hall in New York, January 1, 2014. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri Newly elected Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio (R) is sworn in by former President Bill Clinton at City Hall in New York, January 1, 2014. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri  

Taking “dead aim” at bifurcating dimwits like de Blasio

Photo of David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Author, 'The King of White-Collar Boxing'

De Blasio promised at his inauguration that under his reign New York will become “a fairer, more just, more progressive place.” What does he mean? How does he plan to make it fairer and more just?

Since when does the progressive ideology ensure fairness rather than help bring about the demise of the developed status quo? Since when does transferring wealth from the deserving pocket of someone who earned it to the loser who wants to steal it represent fairness?

Progressivism is a sister of socialism and communism. Now they have a fine track record, like an amputee racing a gazelle and praising the sun which shines on the crippled too. Progressives see good and do bad. They are the ineluctable optimistic failures.

Just look at the hundred million deaths caused by communism in China, Russia, Cuba, North Vietnam, Cambodia, and every single place that it was attempted. It makes fascism look gentle. Hitler was only responsible for sixty million deaths and that’s including WWII. And yet the New York idiots gather round to light candles of hope and praise for the progressive un-philosophy of blank faces like big Bill de Blasio.

At his inauguration de Blasio blathered on, “When I said we would take dead aim at the tale of two cities, I meant it. And we will do it.” Now what is this babbling lightweight talking about? Our tale is not of two cities but of eight million people. We are in a pool of diversity where we swim against the current to achieve our personal dreams. Does he really think that he can reduce the tale of millions of people to a tale of two cities?

Why do bifurcating dimwits like de Blasio divide everything into groups? He sees the city as rich versus poor. He is like Al Sharpton seeing the city as Black and White. But there are more important categories such as heredity, mental sickness, genius, athleticism, beauty, ambition, creativity, sexuality and retardation. Is he such a racist that he only sees race as a determining factor?

Rich and poor are categories for the nouveau riche who think that everything depends on money. De Blasio, like Obama, is nouveaux riche, a poseur, an exemplar of sympathy that he doesn’t really feel.

Activist Harry Belafonte was at De Blasio’s inauguration. He echoed De Blasio’s call to end “inequality.” What about the fact that Harry got rich off his marginal singing talent and is the tale of the unmerited affluent city? I’d tell Harry, “Know thyself,” but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even have a self, he identifies with a cliché of victimization.

And Belafonte’s song, “Day-o,” you’ve got to be kidding. I can’t sing a note and I could probably do better than that. Not to mention the lyrics. Are we in kindergarten?

Why does a millionaire famous singer feel that he has so much in common with the working man? Why doesn’t he just sing at a club or eat his caviar on a film set instead of pretending he has to work all night and “Daylight come and me wan’ go home.” Give me a break, as Bill Clinton said about Obama.

Bill Clinton administered de Blasio’s oath of office. Like Bill should lay his hand on a Bible and administer an oath — I’m surprised the Bible didn’t burst into flames.