8 celebrities we would want to party with the most [SLIDESHOW]

From Rihanna to the Robert Downey Jr. from 12 years ago, here are eight celebrities that we would love to hang out with if just for one evening of debauched revelry.

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  • Before Robert Downey Jr. was the sober, beloved, highest-paid actor in Hollywood that he is now, he used to be a shit show. And probably super fun to party with, so that's why the Robert Downey Jr. from 12 years ago makes this list. RDJ was arrested several times between 1996 and 2001 for a combination of things like heroin, cocaine and weed possession; illegally having a handgun, and trespassing into a neighbors house because he was so drunk. He was about to go to jail again in 2001, but he decided to get clean. Now he is Iron Man and earned $75 million last year. This just goes to show that you can lead a drug-fueled, debauched life, get clean and then become a superhero. It's the American Dream. (MIKE NELSON/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Sure, Lindsay Lohan just got out of a three-month rehab stint (her sixth attempt) and is totally sober now, if by sober she means drinking vodka out of Red Bull cans so nobody can see her get a drink. Your night would probably end in a physical altercation and a night in the slammer but, hey, it would totally be worth it. (Photo: Getty)
  • Kate Moss likes to do cocaine, drink wine topless on yachts and chain smoke. Plus, she's a supermodel and she simply does not give a damn. (Photo: Daily Mirror)
  • Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Johnny Football (née Manziel) has proven to be quite the party monster. Johnny was allegedly asked to leave Peyton Manning's football camp over the summer for "oversleeping" (aka being super hungover) and was seen drinking beer and hitting the bong at a University of Texas frat party over the summer. Johnny rang 2014 with his buddy Drake, which was surely not a PG-13 party. (Photo: TMZ)
  • There is no possible way that any regular human person could keep up during a night with Charlie Sheen. There is also no way that we could possibly list all of his partying accomplishments in one post. Basically, he is insane and would be super fun/ extremely dangerous to hang out with. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
  • It's only the best of the best for Leonardo DiCaprio. Ever since he starred in "Titanic" and turned 21, he has been known to tear up the clubs and get the best drinks and seats in the house. Back in the day, he used to be the ringleader of the "Pussy Posse," a group of young actors who would summon women at their will and pretty much get whomever they wanted. These days, the 37-year-old shows now signs of slowing down, and he ONLY dates young lingerie models. So, yeah, he's still got it. (Photo: Warner Bros)
  • Prince Harry was caught with nothing but his hands over his junk in a Las Vegas hotel room two years ago. He was also busted for underage drinking at a pub back in the day, and even dared to wear a Nazi uniform as a Halloween costume one year. Sounds like one wild royal we would love to hang out with. (Photo: TMZ)
  • From freely smoking joints in public, to making it rain at strip clubs, to drinking on yachts and jet skiing in the ocean, it would be pretty difficult to keep up with Rihanna. But we'd sure like to try. (Photo: Rihanna/ Instagram)