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The endless tragedy of Iraq

Fighters of al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant parade at Syrian town of Tel Abyad

Al Qaeda’s occupation of Fallujah is a direct consequence of the administration’s hands-off stance.

Al From, Bill Clinton, and the power of ideas


The future for the Democratic Party is on the DLC’s centrist path.

George Will: Liz Cheney 'a neocon out of touch with the drift within the Republican Party'

George Will

‘I think she made a sensible decision’

'An interesting sort of coincidence': Finance reporter on ANOTHER massive JPMorgan settlement

‘The Feds can put you out of business’

Chicago Bulls player gets down to Taylor Swift

Jimmy Butler Dancing

He’s feeling 22

What a Glock: New York DHS head uses gun as laser pointer

APTOPIX Teachers Weapons.JPEG

‘Unsteady’ NY DHS commissioner used handgun laser during a presentation

Janet Yellen confirmed to head the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Vice Chair Yellen testifies on her nomination to be the next chairman of the Fed during a Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearing in Washington

Many senators unable to vote due to the weather

Why fruit juice cleanses may actually be harmful to your health

Florida Orange Juice

They will, however, give you some expensive pee.

Study: Nearly half of all black males arrested by age 23

Jails Inmate Cost.JPEG

40 percent of white males cuffed too

Rush Limbaugh: 'Polar vortex' fabricated by media to pin cold weather on global warming

'This is why it gets cold every winter'

Watch another high school student take down Common Core like a boss

Chinese-American student calls Common Core ‘American equivalent of the Chinese entrance exams’

Bath Time

bath time mirror 7 x 3

Update: State investigating cops who shot 18-year-old, family cries 'murder' and 'cover up'

Keith Vidal murder / WECT

‘Between 5 and 10 seconds of him walking in my house, my son was dead’

This Old Spice ad is bizarre

‘Smellcome to Manhood’

The Five “A’s” of Self-Defense

Image from Galco Gunleather

First A – Accept that you may be attacked, here is how to prepare for it

Jesse Jackson Sr. tweets support for Dennis Rodman's North Korea 'diplomacy'

Jesse Jackson Sons Woes.JPEG

‘[P]ing pong diplomacy worked in China, and Basketball seems to work in North Korea’

Reid: Republican agenda 'to make President Obama look bad'

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks to the media following a Senate cloture vote on budget bill on Capitol Hill in Washington

Reid calls for a less divided Senate in the new year

White House blows up unemployment compromise

Unemployment Benefits .JPEG

Fight over unemployment, distracts media and voters from Obamacare failure

No, the Libertarian Party isn't behind the curve on gay rights

APTOPIX Gay Marriage Illinois.JPEG

A Slatepitch that belittles the work of many libertarian gay rights supporters