Bath Time

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

More on that New York Post dead landlord headline… Oh God. Here we go, another call for another apology. This time, a New York State Assemblyman who wants the New York Post to apologize for its headline, “Who didn’t want him dead?” Read the story.

Should Rep. Aaron Shock (R-Ill.) be outed? Well, might be a little late for that. Read here.

Is Rachel Maddow the matriarchal “Queen” of MSNBC? Media Editor Eliana Johnson writes a rather fascinating insidery piece for National Review today on just who exactly is running the show over there. An excerpt: “Behind her back, colleagues call her ‘the queen,’ a not so subtle suggestion that Maddow gets what Maddow wants. And what she wants is a network filled with young wonks such as Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, Alex Wagner, and Harris-Perry, whose highbrow intellectualism can, she hopes, push the Democratic party, and the country, to the left. On Twitter, Harris-Perry’s show proudly uses the hashtag #nerdland. Alex Wagner’s move to the 4 p.m. hour, where Bashir’s show once aired, has Maddow’s fingerprints on it.” See here.

The Atlantic talks to the guy who developed a relationship with Applebee’s…See here. It’s bizarre and hard to turn away. Yes, BuzzFeed broke the story on Jan. 3, which Megan Garber politely states in the first graph, but Atlantic has this weird interview.


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