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Does Dennis Miller owe Melissa Harris-Perry an apology?

Comedian Dennis Miller apparently has strong feelings about the whole Melissa Harris-Perry flap on MSNBC. Over the weekend he went off on her in the worst and funniest of ways, even going so low as to insult the hyphen in her name.

The Mirror suspects MHP won’t be inviting him on anytime soon. Unless of course he apologizes and weeps in the process. Unlike Dean Obeidallah, the comedian whose idiotic appearance on MHP’s show got him a lot of right-wing hate email and a story explaining himself in The Daily Beast, Miller, a Fox News regular, cracks on her on Twitter. And no. So far no sign that he plans to apologize.

1. Melissa Harris-Perry is a waste of a hyphen.

2. The reason Melissa Harris-Perry wears tampon earrings is because her show is entertaining once a month.

3. For Melissa Harris-Perry to take her rancor out on a child is beyond the pale. She really needs to re-examine her approach to life.

4. MSNBC is like a manic depressive cantina on Tatooine.

5. John Kennedy Toole titled his magnum opus after he met Melissa Harris-Perry at a mixer at Tulane.

6. Why was Melissa Harris-Perry so malicious? Shouldn’t she have a personal ground rule that children are off limits?

7. It seems thoughtless and careless and I believe a sincere apology is in order. Don’t you?

8. Shouldn’t MHP also apologize to families formed through transracial adoption for suggesting they are somehow funny or deserving of ridicule?

9. Just kidding for the last two hours. I have no idea who Melissa Harris-Perry is.

10. What is her name again, Melissa Betharris-Frankel?