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BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief and moderator Ben Smith asks questions of entertainment executives during the University of Southern California BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief and moderator Ben Smith asks questions of entertainment executives during the University of Southern California's Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy Inaugural Symposium in Los Angeles, California September 24, 2012. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA) - RTR38DFI  

Here’s Ten ADORABLE Low-Traffic BuzzFeed Politics articles that make us re-think what “mainstream media” really is

BuzzFeed Politics, purveyor of emotionally manipulative pabulum illustrated by online illustrations called “GIFs,” is apparently some kind of gold standard that all conservative reporters should aspire to someday work for, according to a predictably pedantic Politico Magazine piece this week on why The Daily Caller is the beer-drinking idiot with hot sauce stains on its Skynyrd T-shirt compared to other Washington media outlets (though apparently we’ve “defied insider snickering to become a major news source for the right,” which I guess should be alarming to smart people who write good).

The piece devotes a full paragraph to explaining why there’s hope for conservative media because nebulously-defined former Free Beacon social media person Katherine Miller is now an editor of some kind “in more mainstream terrain” at the “traffic giant” BuzzFeed, which rarely if ever breaks news stories and instead tries to be as inoffensive as possible in line with its virality-based business model. But is BuzzFeed Politics, written by spoiled Brooklynite kids, really more “mainstream” terrain? According to Merriam-Webster:

mainstream: “a prevailing current or direction of activity or influence”

Let’s have a look at the last ten articles on BuzzFeed Politics, as of 3 AM Thursday, and their associated traffic. And then let’s think about what the term “mainstream media” really means.

Utah Governor tells state agencies not to recognize same-sex couples’ marriages: How many people enjoyed this predictable little “Republicans are bigots” piece after more than 14 hours? 13,189. What’s the U.S. population currently? I don’t know because I work for The Daily Caller, but it’s probably a good deal more than that.

3 Big Questions about the 1,360 Same-sex couples married in Utah: Wow. Three BIG questions? I wasn’t about to have some kid in Elvis Costello glasses ask me three questions, but that was before I knew that they were BIG questions! How many people answered them? 8,978.

Anti-Abortion Republicans are largely quiet as Israel adopts liberal abortion law: See, the piece isn’t about Israel’s abortion law. It’s about how “anti-abortion Republicans” are quiet about the abortion law. But BuzzFeed can’t even break the story that they’re quiet. Instead, they’re “largely quiet.” Somebody call Ed Murrow. This one had 21,496 views, so our least valuable intern might as well give it a shrug and a golf clap.

Heritage scholar slams Marco Rubio’s anti-poverty speech: As I’ve told many, many interns, if you start a headline with “[Think tank] scholar…” only 15,485 people are going to read it.