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Bold Quote of the Day: “It’s worse than being caught with a prostitute.” — Advertising exec Donny Deutsch on “Morning Joe” this morning in a sea of voices (i.e. Mika Brzezinksi and Joe Scarborough) who were strongly defending New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a hugely beloved creature in the “Morning Joe” culture. Mika went on and on about her Thursday phone conversation with Christie after the presser and how “sad” the governor was. Joe, meanwhile, deflected by saying how great Christie is and how horrible President Obama is. Give The Mirror a f–king break.

Spotted: Kathleen Sebelius out to dinner 

Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius was seen dining out at Montmartre last night in the Eastern Market neighorhood of Washington, D.C. She was at a table by the front window. “She was with a gray-haired dude,” a tipster told The Mirror. “Presume [he was] her hubby.”


“Please pray for my family tonight.” — TheBlazeGlenn Beck.


Weeding her way through life 

“At present count, I have either driven or walked through 5 very serious pockets of weed smoke. Thank you, West Coast of America.” — MSNBC’s Alex Wagner.


Journo: Geraldo’s not badass enough for Coburn’s beard 

@GeraldoRivera is trying to pull off the @TomCoburn beard. Not working. You have to be as badass as Coburn to pull it off.” — RedAlert‘s Shoshana Weissman on the Fox News correspondent. Coburn is a Republican senator from Oklahoma. Editor’s note: The Mirror must seriously disagree here. Rivera, king of that towel around his groin selfie, is badass enough to pull off a beard.

The Media Observers

“Stewart’s Daily Show monologue is almost indistinguishable from Media Matters these days.” — NYT‘s Jeremy Peters.

And just an observer…“If Bill Clinton can survive Gennifer Flowers, dope smoking and draft dodging, it seems Cristie is OK.” — Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard.

“Not that the Bridge thing isn’t news, but shut the hell up everyone.” — Washington Monthly freelancer Sam Knight.

“Christie had never heard of Ft. Lee’s mayor at 1:00 pm. Later that afternoon he said he had great respect for the mayor. #Bridgegate” — Newsweek‘s Matthew Cooper.

“For those who don’t live in NYDC complex, cable news is overreaching via saturation Christie coverage.” — Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo.

“Seeing so many people even debate whether Melissa Harris-Perry is America’s ‘foremost public intellectual’ makes me sad for this country.” — Jamie Kirchick, a Daily Beast contributor among other pubs.

Getting catty 

“Happy that I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m able to communicate with friends via cat pictures. Simplifies.” — Former Washington Examiner editor Jacque Jo Bland.

Ripped from real life 

“Studying the #JustineSacco/#AIDS tweet scandal in @GeorgetownPRCC corporate crisis comms class.” — Politico Director of Public Relations Olivia Petersen.

Roland Martin does not want power tools

“I’m very clear: don’t buy me a damn toolkit. I’m not fixing jack! That’s why they have the yellow pages. Got it?! #NewsOneNow” — TV One’s Roland Martin on why women should not buy him power tools as a gift. Apparently women tend to buy power tools for the men in their lives.


Some soap might be required here…

“Define cuss.” — Reason mag’s Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch to a viewer who asks, “Could you cuss less on your show?”

Overheard in the newsroom

“I have to say it. I hate BuzzFeed.” — Anonymous.

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