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Mirror Mailbox: ‘Grow up, baby cakes!’


This letter came in response to our feature concerning NBC “MTP” host David Gregory looking like 10 different orangutans we found around the web.

From J. Bielot, Myrtle Beach, SC: “I have never liked David Gregory, but getting one’s rocks off making fun of someone’s God-given facial features takes bottom feeding to a new low. I am truly surprised that Tucker Carlson permitted this post. I thought he had more class than this!  What a bunch of hormone raging teenagers—the producers of this low-class hit piece. Is this supposed to represent The Daily Caller” does tabloid smut?  The Daily Caller has demonstrated itself of no better class than David Gregory! What a total turnoff. Grow up, baby cakes!”

In honor of J. Bielot and her candor, we found a brand new pairing. Enjoy and thank you for writing in.